Our Strategy 2020

Our Strategy ’20 project is an initiative in line with Europe for the Citizens Programme, action 1, measure 2.1

Actions are aimed at ethnic minorities in rural areas, promoting debate and reflection on existing policies in Europe, specifically 2020 Strategy, bringing them closer to the objectives and guidelines, strengthening active citizenship in their community. Through this project, the ethnic minorities are invited to express their voice, to propose initiatives and recommendations about this recently approved strategy, and identify gaps and needs concerning the EU. In a changing Europe, where ethnic minorities are a growing reality in our society, it is important to gather their views on matters that are the key European challenges for the future, and promote social inclusion through the active participation of minorities in the process. The main objectives are:

Promote social inclusion through an active participation of minorities in social life.

Strengthen methods to stimulate interaction and active discussion on certain areas of European 2020 Strategy that will affect their daily lives.

Establish mechanisms to allow European citizens to develop civic skills, express their views and opinions as recommendations to policymakers at the European level about strategy 2020.

Encourage dialogue between citizens and institutions, involving the European population in EU policies and their implications.

Reinvigorating active European citizenship.

Ensure an adequate monitoring of citizens views on the EU side.

Bridging the gap between citizens and the European Union.

Explore ways to promote ethnic minorities´ involvement in European topics.

The project will last 12 months. After local workshops in every country, participating citizens will take part in one transnational Forum that will take place in Warsaw (Poland) in July 2012.

The total amount to develop this project is 416.666 €, granted by the EU with 249.999,60 €


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.